ABOUT USWho are Aster Tuition?

We are a small, dedicated team of highly experienced teachers providing tailored lessons to suit every child’s needs.

ABOUT USFinding the genius of every child

Guiding and supporting young people to help them achieve their best.

Unlike many other tutoring companies, we only use fully qualified, experienced teachers, many of whom are also studying for additional qualifications to further deepen their knowledge and understanding of teaching and learning. Continuing professional development is hugely important to us and we invest heavily in our team so that the tuition is continually of the highest quality. Within our team we currently have a tutor who is studying for an MA in children’s literature and one who is in the process of submitting her doctoral thesis in education.
Due to the platform we use for online teaching, all lessons can be recorded and watched again in order to further support each student’s learning.The sign of a good tutoring relationship is that it does not continue forever. We give our students the skills both pastorally and academically so they can continue independently. We don’t believe in tutoring for the sake of it. What drives us is giving students the confidence, self-belief and skill set in order to be able to achieve long term, not just to pass an exam.

Rigorous Initial Assessment

An initial assessment which comes with a detailed report of identified strengths and areas of development

Regular Bespoke Reporting

A written report after every lesson targeting areas for development. Monthly student reviews to measure progress against curriculum expectations and to allow parents to track their child’s progress

Engaging Content

Bespoke, tailored lessons created around the needs of your child as identified by the initial assessment and ongoing tutor assessment. Engaging, interesting content designed to inspire and spark interest not to bore.

Small team of professionals, one holistic approach

Small, select team of experienced teachers who have an innate understanding of the UK education system. Each teacher will provide a holistic approach, mentoring students and guiding each student through the process of tutoring and exam preparation

long term success built on a solid relationship

Valued relationship between parents and tutors; building long term success through a transparent, triangulated approach

We are a team of experienced  teachers with decades of expertise gained in the classroom in both the state and private sectors. Based in the UK, we offer online tuition for the following exams: 7+, 11+ 13+, Scholarship, GCSEs, IB, EBACC and A-levels.

We work with students who are based within the UK but also globally thanks to the online classroom we use. We have a wealth of experience working with students overseas who are looking to enter the UK education system.

Our passion and knowledge for teaching is what makes us outstanding practitioners in this field. As experienced teachers and exam markers, we have spent years honing our practice to ensure that we deliver the highest quality, bespoke tutoring for our students. All of our tutors have a background in teaching their chosen subjects and are high-achieving academics themselves.

Founder of Aster Tuition, Sarah Capewell, has nearly two decades of experience in education and has prepared countless students for entry to some of the UK’s most prestigious day and boarding schools, as well as helping students to achieve success at GCSE and A-level.

Whilst academic success is what drives us, nurturing our students is at the heart of everything we do. Get in touch to find out more.

ABOUT USSix-sided steps to success

The Aster Tuition ethos encourages students to pursue their interests and discover their talents. To that end, we base all our learning on our 6 sided steps to success. Students will uncover what they are capable of through Aster Tuition’s bespoke six-sided steps to success.


Not only do we give your child the academic tools they need to succeed but we also give them the confidence and belief in their own abilities to help them continue succeeding long after their tutoring journey has come to an end.


As experienced teachers, we know that students need to be stretched within a supportive framework. Our tutors empower students to embrace challenge in its many forms.


As research based educators, our practice is constantly evolving to ensure that we are up to date with the latest developments within education which we utilise alongside our many years of experience.


We work with students to help them recognise and achieve their goals and give them the steps so they can independently grow and develop. We are there to help them recognise their strengths and encourage their independent learning.


We work alongside every family; this is not simply a tutor and tutee relationship; we ensure that communication with parents is a key component of our success. We are all striving for the same goal and it is important that we work together as a team.


We celebrate every student’s success, no matter how big or small. Positive praise and encouragement can go a long way towards academic success.

“I cannot recommend Mrs Capewell enough for her well-organised and appropriately challenging tutoring sessions.”


“I have been privileged to watch my son grow while being tutored by Mrs Capewell. She nurtured his talent and has always respected and encouraged him with pointed direction and humour.”


“This was a wonderful experience for me. Not only did I learn a great deal and have a lot of fun but the end result is that I have achieved my goals and found a deep passion for creative writing!”


“Aster Tuition has expanded my creative thinking and fostered a new creative expression. Mrs Capewell has been an inspiration to me .”


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