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About usExceeding potential through bespoke learning allowing a potential new move to be as seamless as possible.

We know that moving education systems can be difficult. At Aster Tuition we are here to help you and your child navigate that change by providing them with the tools to excel in their new environment.

The UKiset is the entrance exam commonly used by many of the UK’s leading independent schools to assess international students. Students between the ages of 9 and a half and 17 years 11 months can sit the exam and, if needed, they can take the test more than once (but there is a six month gap in between).

The process is designed to analyse a student’s academic potential through a number of assessment areas. Our tutors will work on the English components of the exam: verbal reasoning, grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, creative writing and overall English language ability. The UKiset is designed to support students who are non-native English speakers because it does not require prior knowledge of the British curriculum.

Each lesson will work on the skills needed and tutors will tailor the learning programme based on a student’s individual needs. As well as preparing students from the exam, our tutors will also work on the language skills students will need ahead of moving to a British school.

Rigorous Initial Assessment

An initial assessment which comes with a detailed report of identified strengths and areas of development

Regular Bespoke Reporting

A written report after every lesson targeting areas for development. Monthly student reviews to measure progress against curriculum expectations and to allow parents to track their child’s progress

Engaging Content

Bespoke, tailored lessons created around the needs of your child as identified by the initial assessment and ongoing tutor assessment. Engaging, interesting content designed to inspire and spark interest not to bore.

Using the 6 key drivers to success

The Aster Tuition ethos encourages students to pursue their interests and discover their talents. To that end, we base all our learning on our 6 sided steps to success. These steps encourage learning in all aspects of the subject so as to uncover their true genius. Find out more

long term success built on a solid relationship

Valued relationship between parents and tutors; building long term success through a transparent, triangulated approach


Our workshops focus on the English and Verbal Reasoning components of the UKISET tests, which is designed for overseas students looking to study at a UK independent school. The sessions look at reading and listening exercises, answering multiple choice questions, verbal reasoning and essay writing.

After each workshop, children will be given homework to complete at home. This will then be marked by the teacher and feedback will be shared so children understand next steps. At the end of each four week block of learning, parents will receive detailed written feedback on their child’s progress. This is one of the cornerstones of Aster Tuition’s methodology so that parents are included in their child’s learning and every element of our teaching process is transparent.
Children will also take home a pack of resources to continue practising key skills once the workshops have finished.

Class sIze: We regularly run workshops which are for a maximum of four children, which makes our teacher/student ratio one of the highest of its kind.

Workshop length: Each workshop is run over four consecutive weeks and will cover the main areas needed for this course. Each four week workshop is based around a different topic.

Price: £160

For more information on when our next workshops are taking place please go to our workshop calendar.

Terms and conditions: By making a booking through Aster Tuition, you agree that you have read and understood and accept our terms and conditions and you agree to be bound by these. Cancellations received less than 7 days before the start of the workshops will not be refunded.

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